Celebrating Youthful Curiosity and Discovery Through Books and Reading

A note about categories: 

Periodically as a book awards program we add, remove, and alter categories to reflect changes in the collective culture. You will note we have removed the "Culture" and "Multicultural" specific categories. As an award focused on children and young adult readers we have always sought to find exceptional books highlighting stories that ALL readers can relate to. For a time, the focus was brought to some titles by creating special categories. We are removing those categories, but want to be clear it is because we will look for that representation in all categories now. 
General Categories
  1. Board Book/Cloth Book
  2. Alphabet/Counting Book
  3. Activity Book 1 – Games, Arts & Crafts, etc.
  4. Activity Book 2 – Educational, Science, History
  5. Best Illustrator
  6. Picture Book Preschool
  7. Picture Book 4-8 Year Old
  8. Picture Book All Ages
  9. Juvenile Fiction – Early Reader/1st Chapter books
  10. Pre-Teen Fiction – General
  11. Pre-Teen Fiction – Fantasy
  12. Pre-Teen Fiction – Mystery
  13. Pre-Teen Fiction – Historical
  14. Pre-Teen Fiction – Mature Issues
  15. Young Adult Fiction – General
  16. Young Adult Fiction – Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  17. Young Adult Fiction – Horror/Mystery
  18. Young Adult Fiction – Historical
  19. Young Adult Fiction – Mature Issues 
  20. Fiction – Religion/Spirituality
  21. Children’s Poetry
  22. Non-Fiction – Picture Book
  23. Non-Fiction – Chapter Book
  24. Animals/Pets - Fiction
  25. Animals/Pets - Non-Fiction
  26. Social Activism
  27. Comic/Graphic Novel
  28. Religion/Spirituality
  29. Holiday
  30. Book with Merchandise (plush toy, etc.)
  31. Spanish Language Book
  32. Environmental Issues
  33. Health Issues
  34. Mind-Body-Spirit/Self-Esteem
  35. Best First Book – Picture Book
  36. Best First Book – Chapter Book
  37. Best Book by Youth Author (under 18)
  38. Best Book Series – Picture Book
  39. Best Book Series – Chapter Book
  40. Best Book Series – Non-Fiction 
    (note: Book Series category submissions require two or more volumes per series, and one volume's copyright/release date must fall within the 2021-2023 timeframe)
  41. Best Writer/Illustrator
  42. Cultural Experience

E-Book Categories

E1.  Children’s Picture Book
E2.  Picture Book – Enhanced *
E3.  Pre-Teen Fiction
E4.  Young Adult Fiction

*Enhanced E-Books are those including embedded audio, video, animations, etc.

Timeless Categories